Urbanalys is a way to explore anything under the sun. The core issues are cities and urban issues. However, as the cities and urban areas are entangled in many and highly complex ways with other places, what is and what is not an urban issue seems a moot point.

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Scenarios and uncertain futures for accessibility in urban and regional planning – The practitioners’ reflections (html) - final blog post with Marcus Adolphson, Tony Svensson on the shadow planning policy lab exercise in Norrköping, Sweden, in the TAP-project.


Blessed mess: new modes of thinking, acting, and learning for sustainable urban transformations - with Andrew Karvonen on incremental approaches in messy urbanism, in McCormick, Evans, Voytenko Palgan & Frantzeskaki (eds). A research agenda for sustainable cities and communities.

Real-World Lab (pdf) - with Oliver Parodi & Anja Steglich on the German-speaking type of experimentation in everyday life contexts (very similar to urban living labs and there is a chapter by others in the anthology on them as well), in Philipp & Schmol (eds). OPEN ACCESS: Handbook Transdiscplinary Learning.

Scenarios and uncertain futures for accessibility in urban and regional planning – The practitioners’ reflections (html) - follow up blog post with Marcus Adolphson, Tony Svensson, and Jacob Witzell on the shadow planning policy lab exercise in Norrköping, Sweden, in the TAP-project.

Inkrementell urbanism (pdf) - with Andrew Karvonen on messy urbanism, experimental governance and learning in a Swedish planning context (and in Swedish) in Plan, tidskriften för samhällsplanering, no. 2, 2023.

Small measures, large change: the promise and peril of incremental urbanisation (pdf) - with Andrew Karvonen on the urban experimental turn as a non-modern approach to urban development and transformations, in Haarstad et al. Haste: The slow politics of climate urgency.

A TAP lab with planning practice – the case of Norrköping (html) - a blog post with Tony Svensson and Jacob Witzell on the shadow planning policy lab exercise in Norrköping, Sweden, in the TAP-project.


Anticipating experimentation as the 'the new normal' through urban living labs 2.0: lessons learnt by JPI Urban Europe (html / pdf) - with Johannes Riegler & Caroline Wrangsten on what some of the issues in doing urban living labs are and how we might address them, in Urban Transformations.

Driving Urban Transitions to a Sustainable Future – Roadmap (pdf) - with Christoph Gollner, Maximilian Jäger, Gabriele Klaming, Margit Noll, Johannes Riegler, Ann Rodenstedt & Björn Wallsten on the Driving Urban Transitions Partnership (DUT) European transformative research and innovation programming regarding positive energy districts, 15-minute cities, and circular urban economies for a regenerative urbanism.


Programming urban transitions in practice (pdf) - in Jonathan Metzger & Jenny Lindblad eds. (2020) Dilemmas of Sustainable Urban Development: A View from Practice.

Are urban living labs the new normal in co-creating places? - with Johannes Riegler & Caroline Wrangsten (2020), in Smaniotto Costa, C., Mačiulienė, M., Menezes, M., & Goličnik Marušić, B. (eds.) Co-Creation of Public Open Places. Practice - Reflection – Learning. C3Places Project. Lisbon: Lusófona University Press (pdf).

Strategic synthesis – green paper towards a framework for fostering research and innovation knowledge integration in joint programming? (pdf) - a discussion and recommendations on synthesis for transnational transdisciplinary research and innovation programming (2020), reflecting and framing the collaborative Strategic Synthesis Project.

Adopting dilemmas and reflexivity-on-the-go - in Andrea Kahn & Lisa Diedrich eds. (2020) 'SCAPE #16 dossier – Crossing the line.

Joint programming for urban transformations: the making of the JPI Urban Europe Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (pdf) - (2020) with an account of how the SRIA 2.0 was developed from the insider perspective of a programme manager, this note presents questions and issues that will direct the JPI Urban Europe programming beyond 2020.

Unfolding Dilemmas of Urban Public Spaces – Recommendations by JPI Urban Europe’s AGORA (pdf) - edited with Johannes Riegler (2020), 'a report which breaks down the complexity of urban public spaces and provides entry point to address dilemmas of urban public spaces, developed by a transdisciplinary writing team'.

Corona effects on urbanism – report from a policy paper shop-floor thread around urban public spaces (html) - with Caroline Wrangsten (2020), a report from a policy paper message board around public space in JPI Urban Europe’s AGORA.


New Urban Transitions towards Sustainability: Addressing SDG Challenges (pdf) - with Kabisch et al. (2019) in Sustainability vol 11(8).

JPI Urban Europe Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2.0 (pdf) - with Margit Noll and Johannes Riegler, January 2019, an update of the long-term strategy and programme during beyond 2020 for JPI Urban Europe.


Connecting the dots by obstacles? Friction and traction ahead for the SRIA urban transitions pathways (pdf) - Urban Transition Pathways Symposium 2016 outcomes and booklet intro.


JPI Urban Europe Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda: Transition Towards Sustainable and Liveable Urban Futures (pdf) - with Robinson et al., sets the long-term strategy and programme during 2014-2020 for JPI Urban Europe.

Co-creating a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) for sustainable and liveable urban futures - in Condie, J., & Cooper, A. M. (2015). Dialogues of Sustainable Urbanisation: Social Science Research and Transitions to Urban Contexts. Penrith, N.S.W.: University of Western Sydney. (online full text)

Being SEiSMiC, or how to understand this eruptive urban project? (pdf) - Blarticle at JPI Urban Europe.

Cosmograms in urban development (pdf) - blarticle at JPI Urban Europe.


Hopeless postpolitics, professional idiots, and the fate of public space in Stockholm Parklife - with Andrew Byerley (2014), in Metzger, Allmendinger, and Oosterlynck (eds) (Planning Against the Political:Democratic Deficits in European Territorial Governance.

Renaturing cities by urban living labs (pdf) - Blarticle at JPI Urban Europe.

Sverige med i Europeisk stadsutveckling (pdf) - in Samhällsbyggaren2014, 4: 32-33 (pdf)

JPI Urban Europe in 2024? (pdf) - Blarticle at JPI Urban Europe.

Systemic eco-innovation for urban sustainable development? (pdf) - Blarticle at JPI Urban Europe.


Plassein: On the fluid mobility of place and urban qualities in planning (abstract) - published in Planning Theory, 12(3), 244–266.

Ölen i gräset – with Andrew Byerley, published in Gaudeamus 89(4), 2013. (Online version img / html).


Attention Anthropo(s)cene, you may soon kiss the bride (pdf) – With Jonathan Metzger, working paper on the role of the social sciences and humanities in Anthropocene research.

Friction zones and emergent publics in Stockholm parklife (html) - With Andrew Byerley, published in OpenDemocracy, 1-5 October issue, 2012.

Vad är ett bra parkliv? Om det offentliga rummets öde (pdf) – With Andrew Byerley on Stockholm Parklife in Tanto, Södermalm, and the issue of friction zones and public space, published in Geografiska Notiser 70(1), 2012, 17–24.

Komplexitet, kreativitet och konflikt i planeringspraktiken för hållbar utveckling: Hamnomvandlingar i tre svenska städer, with Maria Bergman, published in Ymer 132, 215–240.

Stockholm parklife: Public issues, friction zones, and displacement – with Andrew Byerley, working paper discussing the fate of public space through the requirement of friction zones for democratic achievements.


Postpolitical correctness? (pdf) – An essay and a caution on binary uses of the distinction postpolitical/proper political in the analysis of planning politics, published in Planning Theory 11(3), 2012.(Abstract)


On the use of actor-network theory in a common pool resources project (pdf) - A dialogue piece with Fred Saunders published in The Commons Digest no. 8, winter 2010.


Miljöfrågornas politiska filosofi och praktik (pdf) - A lecture given at Södertörn University, on de-Shalit's (2000) The Environment: Between Theory and Practice, at the Environment and Development Programme, School of Life Sciences.

Creswell's On the Move (html) - A review prepared for Urban Studies vol 46.

Project and process: A note on two commonly used notions in planning theory (pdf) – An outline of the distinction between process and project as it relates to the study of planning practice.


Byerley's Jinja (html) – A review prepared for Urban Studies vol 45.

Knowledge for sustainability (html) - An outline for a workshop held at Södertörn University.


Andrej Holm och hotet mot den kritiska samhällsforskningen (pdf) - A text published in Geografiska Notiser on what happened in Germany, August 2007.

Urban Planning and the Banality of Morality (html) – Presentation notes from the session 'Reassembling the urban', NGM Bergen 2007.


Planning, Projects, Practice: A Human Geography of the Stockholm Local Investment Programme in Hammarby Sjöstad (pdf) - Doctoral dissertation defended in June 2006 at the Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University. Swedish press-release here (html), Swedish summary and English blurb here (html).

How to make human geography out of planning (html) - A memo produced for the in-house All Researchers' Day, Department of Human Geography, Stockholm University. A short description of the Ph D-project and what might be an interesting continuation within the field of planning theory.

Staden och metaforen (html) – A sketch on a conceptual approach to the city, intended for a book.


Reichtum in Berlin: Einleitung (pdf) - The introduction to the report on the project-seminar Sozialgeographien des Reichtums in Berlin, 2004-2005, Geographisches Institut, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. The text is in German, but has a short summary in English. The full-text is also available here (pdf).

Map the Rich! Towards a Critical Geography of Affluence in Berlin (html abstract) - Abstract for the intervention at 4th ICCG 2005, México D.F., in order to discuss the work and the topic in the project-seminar Sozialgeographien des Reichtums in Berlin.

Tracing the Formation of Critical Planners in the Welfare State: Gunnar Olsson and Nordplan (html abstract) - Abstract for the intervention at 4th ICCG 2005, México D.F., in order to discuss the connection between the welfare state and the academic planning education particularly and the social sciences in general.

Sustaining the experiment: Hammarby Sjöstad and ecological adaptation (pdf) and the powerpoint presentation (pdf) - A talk presented at the Urban Planning Lecture series at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, April 11th 2005. Many thanks to Arish Dastur for the opportunity!


On policy, innovations, and the case of the Local Investment Programme: How yellow and blue makes green (pdf) - A PhD-student course paper developed for Varieties of Capitalism, Oslo Summer School in Comparative Social Science Studies, Oslo, Norway, 2–6 August 2004. It was later somewhat revised and became part of Projects, Planning, Practice (2006).

Stockholms Lokala investeringsprogram och Kretsloppsstadsdelarna (pdf) - A report commissioned by the Stockholm LIP-council on process and results in the programme concerning the Eco-cycling Districts.

What does Success Mean in Urbanism? (html) - An introduction to a handout for third year students at the Bergen School of Architecture, Bergen, on an excursion in Berlin. The text discusses how urbanism and those who study urbanism can understand and reflect on contemporary efforts at city-building.


Half a Trojan Horse? Reflections on Stockholm at Large 2 (html) - A commentary on the exhibition and workshops on Stockholm's future at Färgfabriken.

What's the problem with non-conventional technology? The Stockholm Local Investment Programme and the eco-cycling districts (pdf) - A paper on environmental technology implementation and the Stockholm Local Investment Programme. Presented at the ECEEE Summer Study 2003 and published in the proceedings.


Det delade och 'helade' Berlin: Om anarkism och anakronism i staden (html) - A lecture on urban planning in Berlin before and after the fall of the Wall, given to architectural students from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, on excursion in Berlin.


Rapport II Ledbilder och diskussionlinjer för Ekostaden (pdf) - a report prepared for Borg & Co.

Rapport offentliga rum och ekostaden (pdf) - a report prepared for Borg & Co.

Defining Berlin: Planning Policy Discourse After the Wall (pdf) - 'Magister' thesis in human geography on urban planning and the instrument Stadtforum in Berlin after the fall of the Wall.