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Gott och blandat


Gathered and Written (and Eaten) by
Jonas R Bylund


These formulas are mostly from la quotidienne and the student situation. The majority can be made in larger quantities and portioned in the freezer. This means they can keep your food budget in shape while at the same time nutritional values won’t be compromised. It also means most of them suite both informal meals with friends a Friday evening before going out or in front of the telly before working on with whatever has to be done (here the freezer thing comes in handy). Selections were made with only one principle in mind: they must be eatable with a fork (and only one fork). The instructions are made with someone not that knowing in the kitchen in mind. So some of you might find them a bit written on the nose.


Pasta forkables

Potatoe forkables

Rice forkables

Other forkables

Sweet post forkables