Current projects and co-operations

Assembling public place (APP)
With Jonathan Metzger. The overall aim of the project Assembling Public Place is to map and explore the case of New Slussen as a territorial controversy with the urban assemblage-approach in urban theory combined with methods developed in Science and Technology Studies (STS) for mapping societal controversies. In the Swedish context, few proposed local area redevelopments have ever generated such an amount of public debate and mass-media coverage as the project to rebuild one of Stockholm’s iconic places, Slussen, through the proposed fundamental redesign labelled the New Slussen. The APP project will investigate the controversy concerning the New Slussen-project as an example of a territorial controversy, a specific type of constantly recurring dispute in societies, which fundamentally concern disagreements over the essential qualities, functions, and purposes of places, i.e. over what a specific place ‘really is’ and ‘should be’. APP is thus designed to find new ways of understanding the mutually formative interplay between humans and their environments.

Co-producing the Anthropocene?
Welcome to an extended Environmental Science and Development seminar dedicated to questions of how to co-produce the Anthropocene in research and what difference it might make in environmentalism. Debate on topics which arise in conjunction to this as well as possible cooperation (special issue in a renowned journal?) is on the agenda. An informal post-seminar session with snacks is also on the agenda. We encourage brief paper or project presentations of about 20 min, in which case you are welcome to email an abstract to Jonas by 1 February 2012.
For more info on the topic, see the seminar memo.

29 March 2012, 13:00–17:00, room MD 515, at Södertörn University, Flemingsberg.

Organizer: Jonas Bylund, School of Life Sciences, Södertörn University
Co-organizer: Jonathan Metzger, School of Architecture and the Built Environment, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Stockholm Parklife
With Andrew Byerley. Stockholm Parklife investigates alcohol consumption in urban parks and how the boundary between ‘normal’ and ‘pathological’ behaviour is drawn. The interest is mainly in how norms but also how regulation and policy create different claims on and conflicts around public spaces. Conflict around rowdy drinking behaviour in urban parks often generates proposals on alcohol-free zones whose effects are not yet clear. The project centers around the Stockholm inner-city parks Drakensbergsparken, Tantolunden, and Skinnarviksparken.


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Parental leave.

Presentation at EcoDigiCity-Seminar, Koper, Slovenia, 9-10 July.

TEKES and Espoo City, a presentation on the implementation of new technologies in Hammarby Sjöstad.

Consultation on 'Ecocity' in Tianjin, for the edCityconsulting.

EkoScen, with Rebecca Fleischer (TittaUt), at Vintervikens Trädgård, Stockholm.

Lecture on 'Hammarby Sjöstad!', Geografiska Förbundet annual meeting.

Participant in the three-day workshop on Nature vs. Culture: Zwischenstadt, Urban Turntable, at Färgfabriken, Stockholm, October 24-26.

Consultation on design-concept guide for the Pilot for SUVe, Suurpelto, Finland.

Assisting the Stockholm City Planning Administration on a field trip to Berlin.

Involved in the project 3rd Space to investigate possible connections between Gothenburg, Moscow, and Berlin.

A report commissioned by the Stockholm LIP-council on the Stockholm Local Investment Programme and the Eco-cycling Districts.

In co-operation with Judith Utz, organised a week-long excursion for third year students at Bergen School of Architecture.

Paper on Stockholm's Local Investment Programme and the Eco-cycling Districts presented and published at the ECEEE 2003 Summer Study.

A report commissioned by the Stockholm Real Estate and Traffic Administration on the connection between park and street lighting and vandalism (2001-2002).

A lecture on urbanism in Berlin before and after the fall of the Wall, given for architectural students at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, on excursion in Berlin.

Basic data commissioned by Borg & Co on the ideas surrounding urban sustainability and public space.


Within academic research

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Redevelopment of urban harbour areas in Sweden from a sustainability perspective

Co-operation research project with Maria Bergman, Mona Petersson, and Michael Gilek at Södertörns högskola (Södertörn University College). The project investigates comprehensive redevelopment of Swedish coastal cities. Running 2006-2011.

Parental leave.

Paper presentation at Sustainable Cities and Regions: Enabling Vision or Empty Talk, CUReS, Örebro University, Örebro, 11-13 March.

Developed workshop 'Knowledge for Sustainable Development' at CBEES, Södertörn University.

Teaching the course 'Regional development' at Life Sciences, Södertörn University.

Field-trip New Zealand, Stockholm University.

Geotag Bayreuth, a presentation within the 'Antipode'.

IAG Melbourne, held a two-session panel (with Fred Saunders) on Messy Society-Nature Interactions.

NGM Bergen, presentation of two papers.

In the spring 2006, the doctoral thesis Planning, Projects, Practice: A Human Geography of the Stockholm Local Investment Programme in Hammarby Sjöstad was defended.

Teaching at the Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, Stockholm University, on the course Environmental and Health Protection, module Planning.

Presented dissertation project research and material at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, Columbia University, New York.

Assisting teacher at the School of Planning, Stockholm University, on the course Physical and Social Planning.

Teacher at the Geographisches Institut, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, on the project-seminar Sozialgeographien des Reichtums in Berlin (2004–2005).

Teacher at the Geographisches Institut, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, on the project-seminar Sozialgeographien des Reichtums in Berlin (2004-2005).

Participant in the Reading Weekend with Doreen Massey, Institut für Didaktik der Geographie, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt am Main.

Participant in the Stockholm at Large 2, Färgfabriken, workshop-discussions preceding the exhibition.